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BLS Model's Quick Guide:

Vehicle Uses:

Collector cars (stored) BLS-12/24-B or The BatterySolver Package
Truck with one battery BLS-12/24C
Truck, more than one battery BLS-12/24C
Truck or Implement 24 Volt BLS-12/24C
Motorcycle BLS-12/24C
Lawn Mower BLS-12/24C

Boat Uses:

Trolling battery BLS-12/24C
Outboard BLS-12/24C
Electric Boat 36 Volt BLS-36A
Electric Boat 48 Volt BLS-48-A
Cruise Sail Boat 12 Volt BLS-12/24C
Cruise Sail Boat 24 Volt BLS-12/24C
Large Power Boat 12 volt BLS-12/24C
Large Power Boat 24 Volt BLS-12/24C

Stationary Uses:

Off grid house 12 volt BLS-12/24C
Off grid house 24 Volt BLS-12/24C
Stationary Power/pump BLS-12/24C
Shop Use BLS-12/24-B

Golf Carts and Electric Vehicles

36 Volt Golf Cart BLS-36A
42 Volt Golf Cart BLS-42B
48 Volt Golf Cart BLS-48B
72 Volt NEV or Electric Vehicle BLS-72A
84 or 96 Volt Electric Vehicle BLS-84/96-Multi
120 Volt Electric Vehicle BLS-120A
144 or 156 Volt Electric Vehicle BLS-144-156-Multi

Industrial Forklifts and Lift Trucks

24 or 36 Volt System BLS-24/36-Multi-F
36 or 48 Volt System BLS-36/48-Multi-F

Vector Products Customer Service:

 Phone: 1 (800) 618-5178
For Vector Products Support and Customer Service, please contact Black & Decker at 1-800-618-5178. Select the "Customer Option", then state the word "Operator" to speak to someone quickly. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.

Battery Life Saver Contact Information

Email: bls @ batterylifesaver.com

Phone: (727) 446-8400
Toll Free: 866-301-8835
Fax: (727) 446-8900

936 Cleveland St. Unit C, Clearwater, FL 33755

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